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Fancy Sprinkles
The Fancy Sprinkles product was second-to-none in their space for branding and quality of product, making the marriage between themselves and a second-to-none go-to-market digital strategy a perfect pair.
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A Swish Case Study
Fancy Sprinkles came to Swish with an undeniably sexy brand but in need of a strategic focus to new customer acquisition with little online market share or awareness. With limited resources and knowledge of online advertising, Fancy Sprinkles would end up needing a holistic approach to their digital marketing and how each touchpoint would impact sales.
our process
The Strategy.
Low-Funnel for High Return
Understanding each customer is different is critical for sound e-commerce approaches, specifically bottom-of-funnel users with heavy purchase intent. Social in particular requires a well-thought out strategy for segmentation of users by online behavior, action, interest and understanding how that granularity impacts data intake
Considerations to Google Shopping and feed optimization were also critical to Fancy Sprinkle’s success. Putting an ad out on Google just won’t cut it. Variables such as product quantities, availability & more will help aid a customers decision to choose you over your competition.
Increase in year-over-year sales
Increase in total year-over-year orders
Surpassed over $800,000 in sales in only 8 months
A Swish Case Study
Proof of Concept.
Understanding the Customer
Right Place, Right Time
Create an Integrated Approach
Understanding the Customer
Blanket strategies fall short. A granular approach based on proper research is key to finding true return on spend.
A Swish Case Study
Results Speak Loudest
The results speak for themselves. Fancy Sprinkles saw not only a 413% increase in year-over-year sales, but a 371% increase in online orders during the same time period. In a little over 8 months, we were able to drive over $800k in sales with +12k in online orders.
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