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LIM College
Laboratory Institute of Merchandising
As one of the premier fashion schools in the US, nuzzled right in the middle of Manhattan, LIM college was looking for an equally fashionable digital strategy, one aimed at hitting enrollment goals.
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A Swish Case Study
With only three months left for student enrollment in the semester, LIM College was seeking a partner to achieve student goals in a relatively short time span. Armed with an account that had several best practice flaws and CPL's in the $1,000 range, a complete relaunch was in order
our process
The Strategy.
Relaunching Results into Orbit
LIM College came to Swish with legacy accounts intact, but just not getting the job done to drive a quality of lead that translated into a student. With a time crunch to reach this goal exasperating strategy, a relaunch was in order to build a student generating foundation.
Additionally, LIM College needed a partner who understands the difference between just a lead and a lead that can be worked through the funnel. This led us to work with their admission and marketing teams to create a better qualification process, one that extended all the way to our student-facing assets.
Increase in lead goals in second month alone
Surpassment of recruitment enrollment goal
Overall increase in lead flow during account management
A Swish Case Study
Proof of Concept.
Relaunch of All Digital Accounts
Improved Segmentation Strategy
Better Qualification Process
Relaunch of All Digital Accounts
Legacy account structures are not always ideal at creating efficiencies. From budgeting to targeting, relaunches can be in order when industry best practices have not been followed to a tee.
A Swish Case Study
Results Speak Loudest
In only 3 months we were able to increase overall lead flow for the designated programs by 152%, which resulted in surpassing recruitment enrollment goals that were once thought impossible in that time span.
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